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Welcome to the travelcard

The smarter way to travel on Swindon’s bus company .

The travelcard is a rechargeable smartcard that can save you time, money and hassle on all Swindon Bus and Stagecoach services in the Swindon area.

However, this is now old technology, and we are encouraging all customers to switch to our app, that has many other features including tracking your bus in live times.

If you only use Stagecoach buses you MUST use your card for the first time on one of our buses so that your card is fully activated. All you need to do is tell the driver you need to activate your card but you don' t have to travel. You will need to place the card on the ticket machine and wait for the driver to confirm your card is now activated. If you don't do this, unfortunately your travelcard won't be accepted by Stagecoach.

All new travelcards will incur a £6.50 fee. Register today and we will post the card to your home address and you can pay online using your credit/debit card. ( For child and young person cards – once you have applied we will contact you to send in proof of age as you need to confirm your date of birth.)

If you need to contact us please call 01793 428428.

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