Thamesdown Swindon keycard

Young Persons FAQ's

What is my travelcard?

The travelcard is our smartcard which makes paying for bus travel safe and secure. It will also be a form of ID for your bus travel.

Register for a travelcard.

Young Person travel card registration – for travellers under 20. There is a £5 charge for a travelcard. If you do not need to use Stagecoach services our best value fares can be found on our mobile app

What tickets are available?

1 week and 4 weeks tickets for the TravelPass and TravelPass Plus zones.

Where do I register?

You need to register on line and you will need personal information such as:


When will I get my travelcard?

We will contact you to send through proof of age, once this has been received we will post out your travel card. If you haven't received your card within 5 working days please drop as an email at  

How long before I can use the travelcard on the bus?

Once you have purchased your ticket it will take 3 hours for your product to reach your travelcard if bought online. If you purchase a ticket in the office or on bus you can board a bus straight away and activate your ticket. If you purchase the ticket on bus you will need to pay with cash.


For any other questions please call our helpline 01793 428428,  Mondays to Friday 08.30-17.30.









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